onsdag 27. oktober 2010

A day in Ottawa


By now I’m writing to you from a cafe in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. I’m sitting here drinking a healthy cup of coffee, Even just wanted Coke, but Andres and Jens tried to bye a couple of beers. When the waiter asked for their ID’s they laughed, and told him it was all a joke, and they ordered some Coffee instead.

We arrived at Ottawa this morning, and have just been tourists on a lovely holyday. We started the day with a cup of coffee at Ottawa airport, and then hooked a taxi. We went off in the centre of Ottawa where we started our tourist day. We went straight for the Parliament Hill, on the southern banks of Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa. On the internet we read about Parliament Hill before the trip and we really wanted to take some pictures of it.

Here is two of the pictures we took of Parliament Hill 

The next attraction we went for was the Canadian War Museum, which is Canada’s national museum of military history. Even is kind of in to that crap so he really wanted to go there. It was a pain in the butt to go around and read about old war history, and the only one enjoying it was Even. When we finely came out of the house of pain it was Jens’ turn to decide where to go.

The Canadian War Museum

And his choice didn’t surprise me. He has talked about the silly game golf the whole weekend. So we went to Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club so Jens could play a round. We watch him play against Yani Tseng and Se Ri Pak who is two awesome female golfers. They owned him, and at the last hole Se Ri Pak finished with a lovely hole in one. Jens was in a pretty bad mood for hours after the match, and wasn’t happy before we went in to this cafe.

The field where Jens played golf

After all this boring events we went to an Ice Hockey match at Scotiabank Place. We watched Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs. Every seat was taken, and the sound level was incredibley loud. I have only seen NHL matches one the television, and couldn’t even imagine the atmosphere around the matches. People was shouting and crying. And some was even angry and some happy. At least Ottawa Senators won, and most of the people walking out of the arena afterwards were happy. This was a wonderful experience, and I would really like to go back for even more.

Inside Scotiabank Place, right befor the match starts

Now we are sitting here at the cafe. Jens and Anders is worn out, and so am I. We are going to Toronto tomorrow, and I’m already excited. Who knows what we will see there. I really looks forward to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, but now we are going to rent a room at the hotel nearby.

Us before we enters the cafe

Benjamin Aune Brekken

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