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Maple facts - History of Canada

In the very beginning of the 11th century the explorer Leif Ericson became the first European to discover Canada. Later in the 1497 John Cabot rediscovered Canada for the Europeans. From then many Europeans came to explore the land, mostly Frenchmen. The French colonization in Canada started in the early 17th century, and Quebec was the first town getting settled by the Europeans. Later the whole Canada got colonized.
 Illustration of "The Seven Years' War"
When the Frenchmen established a trade agreement with the Indians, which involved trading of fur, the Brits did not get very happy.  This was because of that the Brits wanted to be a part of that trade agreement. Therefore, in the 18th century, several civil wars between the Frenchmen and the Brits took place on Canadian earth. At last, in 1756 the “Seven Years' War” broke out. It ended in 1763, and when the French and the Brits made peace, the Frenchmen also ceded Canada to Britain. In 1867, Canada became Britain’s first dominion, as the “Dominion of Canada”. It was a united Canada, who now was self-governing, but still under the British emporium.  Due to this, Canada participated in both of the world wars, as Britain’s ally.
For a long time the Frenchmen in Quebec insisted that Quebec should be an independent state, and in 1977 French were listed as their official language. Now Quebec is a province in Canada.
In 1982 the “Constitution Act” claimed that Britain no longer was controlling Canada, in any way. Then Canada was fully independent.

Book : Verdens land og folk, Canada.  Published in 1987 by Time-Life Books B.V., Amsterdam.

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