onsdag 27. oktober 2010

My diary - Even


What’s up our lovely followers? I’ll tell you what’s up here. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. The other guys have hit the sheets, but I’m not that tired. I should be although. Because after we landed in Canada we have seen and done so much. Nevertheless, I can’t fall asleep. So I’m going to write a little diary for you, about our first day in Canada.

The whole experience started quite badly. The trip over to Vancouver went fine, but when we went to pick up our luggage things started to go more badly. You guest it. We had lost our four bags. We immediately confronted the staff at Vancouver airport, but it was no good. They promised us to track the luggage, but for now we had to live without them. I tried to keep the spirit up, but that is a tall order when you are traveling with Jens, Anders and Benjamin. Jens got so mad he kicked a lamppost on the way out. Witch leaded to even more misery for him, and his right big toe. We found a taxi and headed of to the hotel.

- We became very disappointed 

Even the hotel wasn’t good enough. Anders comes from a rich and wealthy family, and is clearly not used to sleeping on hotels with a bit lower quality. Nevertheless, Benjamin and I convinced him to give it a shot. And based on the fact that we were only going to use the room for getting some rest, he took the “chance”.

One of our hotel rooms

Since Vancouver is one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world, I quickly took responsibility for the day. And the boys respected me for that. To a certain level at least. As you may remember, Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics earlier this year. And I was nearly going, but that was not my destiny. So I ended up in front of the TV as everyone, instead of being there and feel the action. I was so disappointed, but this time I was determined to at least see the stadium and location were it was hosted. Nothing could stop me. Not even my traveling accompany.

I wanted so badly to see Northug live

So we got ourselves a cab and headed for the Olympic stadium. During the ride all three of my fellow companions complained about the fact that they hadn’t chanced clothes.  I wanted to disagree with them and give them a mouthful, but I agreed with the three boys. Yesterday had been rough, with a long preparation before this trip. I could use a shower and a new boxer.

The conversation quickly switched over to a more comfortable theme. We discussed what the rest of the journey would bring. Benjamin was excited about going to Ottawa. It wasn’t a must for me, but he wanted it so bad. Jens and Anders only talked about a famous gamer from Canada. Time flue by, and before we knew it, the Olympic stadium was right up in our faces. The stadium and the locations were amazing. And I guess the guys were happy after all.

The guys and I in front of the Olympic statue

We ended the day at “George and Coffee”. And we agreed upon that it was one of the tackiest names for a coffee shop ever. After a good laugh we set on discussing how Vancouver had been, and luckily the boys had enjoyed the stay.

George and Coffee

Even Jordet Bruheim

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