onsdag 27. oktober 2010

A special experience!

Hello everybody, we’ve had a superb day, with a lot of funny, interesting and strange stuff. So first of all, we’ve arrived in Toronto. It was a nice flight, but we are starting to become tired of all the traveling. Fortunately we’re learning a lot of the different cities in Canada, and that’s what we are trying to do. Today we randomly met the Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber, and the funniest part with it, was that he managed to walk into a glass door, right in front of us. Also a paparazzi guy got it all on tape. Probably the funniest thing we’ve seen on this amazing journey, seeing a famous person doing such a mistake isn’t something you experience often. The paparazzi gave us the video clip and we managed to copy it over to our PC, only for our lovely followers and readers. You can see it further down on this post.


 Justin vs. the glass

After Justin had spoken to the paparazzi telling about his little mistake, we had a conversation with him, and he actually invited us to perform live with him on Ricoh Coliseum, which is really the main court for “The Toronto Marlies”, a hockey team from Toronto. Standing on a stage with Justin Bieber was a special experience for us, to bring home to our Norwegian friends. The concert was truly amazing, especially since there were almost 10000 spectators, and none of us have ever performed for more than 100 people, even though we just stood on the stage this time. After the concert, we separated with Justin, because we had a lot of things to see here in Toronto.

Justin and us on stage. SICK!

In addition to meeting Justin Bieber, we had a little sightseeing round in Toronto because of all the famous landmarks here. First, we had a look at the huge CN tower which was a special sight. As well as its height, it is also very special, because of its appearance. Unlike other skyscrapers, this one doesn’t look like normal skyscrapers at all. It is long, tall and doesn’t have as many windows as other skyscrapers as seen in for example New York. The next thing on our see-list was the Hockey Hall of Fame. Only Benjamin wanted to see the Hall of Fame, because of his passion for hockey. The place was OK; it was a museum, where you could see the most important things from the hockey history, and the best players. I (Anders), Jens and Even were kind of bored, because of our lack of interest for the hockey sport. But Benjamin had nagged and begged to see the museum since we left Norway. 

The view from the CN tower

The Hockey Hall of Fame from the outside

Because of the concert, our schedule got a bit changed, so we didn’t get time to see more of Toronto’s attractions today. But we’ve had a nice time, so we don’t regret being at the concert. For a perfect end of the day, we ate some pancakes with maple syrup, while watching TV at our room. But the trip isn’t over yet, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow, when there hopefully is time to see some more attractions here in Toronto.

Good night everybody!

Anders Ulfsnes

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