onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Maple Facts - Toronto

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, and is often mistaken for being the capitol of Canada, even though it is Ottawa. This is most likely due to Toronto’s population and popularity. With Toronto’s population of over 2.500.000, it is the city with the highest population.  Toronto is located very close to the American border, on Canada’s “arm” as seen on the map. In 2002 a newspaper called “The Economist” listed Toronto the number fourth best city to live in, due to their low crime rate, good environment and a high standard of living.

There are many reasons to visit Toronto.  One of them is the CN Tower which is a 553 meters high building. It took 26 months to build the CN Tower and it was opened on June 26, 2006. The tower is a symbol of Canadian industrial achievement. The Royal Ontario Museum is also a reason to visit Toronto. In this museum you can explore the natural world and human cultures past. Toronto Zoo is a huge Zoo with over 5000 animals. It was opened in August 1974.

   The CN Tower in Toronto.  

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

A map over Toronto Zoo.

Toronto is also well known for sports. In Toronto you can watch ice hockey, baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Toronto Maple Leafs is the hockey team of Toronto. They play in the Northeast Division of Eastern Conference of NHL. Toronto is also served as the home to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

 A play at Toronto's NHL team Toronto Maple Leafs


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