onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Maple facts - Religion in Canada

Canada is a multi-cultural country, and this is shown by the multiple religions practiced there.

A survey done in 2001 showed that 77 % of the Canadian population are Christians, and 16 % are non-religious. The most of the Christians are Roman-Catholics (around 45 %), and the rest is generally a part of the Protestant Christianity. There are also other religions practiced in Canada like; Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. However, these religions are not very widespread in Canada, and compared to the Canadian Christianity, they are not practiced by as many.

Canada is a country with acceptance for different religions. There is no official religion in Canada, and it’s important for the Canadian politics culture that every religion is equally treated. This is the reason for the many religions appearance in Canada.

For some time ago, the Christianity was central and took place in the everyday of most Canadians, because the Christianity was integral in the Canadian society, but this has now changed. Today Canada can be considered as a secular country. Maybe most Christians don’t go to church as often as they did before, but they still consider themselves as Christians.


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