onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Maple Facts - Geography and Climate

Canada is located north of the USA and is the second biggest country in the world, behind Russia. The country is divided into seven different regions, with different climate and topography. In the Northern part of the country, there are mostly subarctic climate which make it hard for vegetation to grow. Subarctic climate has cold and long winters, but short and warm summers. There are also arctic climate in the northern parts of the country, and gives the area very cold and long winters, and short cold summers. Only 12 % of Canada is arable, which makes Canada bad for agriculture. Even though the big amount of rain in the summer, makes these 12% of Canada good for agriculture.                                                             

Because of Canada’s though climate, most of the people have chosen to live in the southern part of Canada. The biggest cities in Canada are located here, and some of them are Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and is also the biggest country, with the highest population. Canada has a lot of untouched nature, which makes Canada a beautiful country. There are many organizations who work to keep the nature untouched. One of these organizations is Nature Canada, which is trying to protect the nature and the natural processes in the nature.
                                                         Canadas beautiful nature


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