onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Maple Facts - Canadian Flag

Canada’s Flag is probably one of the most recognizably flags in the whole world.  It is called the Maple Leaf, because of the big maple leaf in the center of the flag. This leaf is there to represent and symbolize the nature in Canada. The leaf has eleven edges, and someone thinks it is because of the 10 provinces in Canada plus one for the territories, but no. They found out that a leaf with eleven edges is the least blurry during strong wind. Therefore, eleven edges. 
 - The maple leaf
The flag is separated in to three squares. The two squares to the sides are red and the center square is white. The leaf is also red and is placed inside the white square. The squares and the leaf are red and white because George V ratified those colors to be the national colors of Canada. Red for the St. George’s cross, and white for the French royal emblem. The Canadian flag was first used in 1965. February the 15 to be more precise. This date is also celebrated annually as National Flag Of Canada Day.

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